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Who are we and what service do we provide?

Buckle Up Logistics LLC is a family owned dispatch company providing top notch services to owner operators and fleet owners to keep drivers buckled up and on the road!

We take pride in negating rates to keep our drivers satisfied and rolling in the Dough! We also help with those pesky documents ensuring compliance and we provide 24/7 solution focused customer service!

What are we looking for?

+Dedicated owner operators with the drive to stay buckled up and on the road!

+OTR and local trip and load planning/booking.

+Brokers with goods transportation needs including dedicated lanes for drivers.

+Bringing drivers and brokers together to delivery goods efficiently.

How do drivers and brokers pay their fees?

Buckle Up will send a PayPal invoice to be paid upon receipt.

Any business constituent who does not pay their fees is subject to consequence including but not limited to legal action.

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